Female G Spot: In pursuit of maximum pleasure

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There are those who say that assuring that the female G-spot exists, is something like assuring the existence of God, because there is no scientific agreement regarding its meaning. The arguments are that recognizing their existence is useless if different definitions and criteria are used.

The truth is that there are many studies published in prestigious scientific journals, where researchers have investigated about female sexual anatomy and sexual response as a result of the stimulation of the so-called female G-spot. They discovered that there is much more than traditional medical texts suggest.

Most people understand this point G of the woman to the area on the front wall of the vagina, about one third of the way where women like to be stimulated. But this point is definitely not a “magic button” that is simply waiting to be pressed to deliver incredible orgasms. It is just another part of the body that some people find stimulants, while others do not.

It was named after the German doctor Ernst Grafenberg, who first described it as “an erogenous zone located on the inner wall of the vagina and in the course of the urethra, which would increase with sexual stimulation.”

How to Find the Female G-spot?

If you want to look for it, the easiest thing is that you lie in bed with some pillows under the pelvis, in such a way that the entrance of the vagina is elevated (similar to the gynecological position). After your partner lubricates your fingers and your vagina, and look for a rougher area located on the anterior wall, without pressing hard or steadily, but rather gently and moving your finger from right to left and back or in circles: that is, going through Point G without squeezing or concentrating on it directly.

For some, the female G-spot is an area that can bring deep and intense orgasms. For others, stimulating that area simply makes them feel like they want to urinate.

Perhaps the most important thing about this erogenous point is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexploring your own body and the sexual response you have in each of its parts, centimeter by centimeter. You may not find anything exciting where other people point to points of excitement, but you can not imagine the things and pleasures you can find during this “treasure hunt”, that hunt for sexual pleasure.

Positions that favor its stimulation

The following sexual positions favor the stimulation of that area:

  • The woman face down and the man behind her.
  • Placed the woman sitting on the edge of the bed and he knelt in front.
  • The Doggy position .

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